The SWATBox™ features an embedded install which conceals physical assets within your facility wall and away from public view. Use PIN, HID, biometric finger scan or any WEB-enabled device (e.g., laptop, cell phone) to gain access to assets on the spot. The customizable interior cavity may hold cards and keys or act simply as a locked drawer. Our solar powered model allows you to secure and monitor assets in remote or unmanned locations.

Literature Sheet(PDF)

Key, Card, and Asset Storage Security Solutions for every small asset

One or Two Keys

SWATBox With Keys

Secure facility keys via direct entrapment of cores and/or secured with Tamper-Proof Key Rings®.

Key and Cards

SWATBox With Keys and Cards

In addition to keys, the SWATBox™ can hold and monitor card access cards.

Asset Storage Cavity

SWATBox With Cavity

The SWATBox™ optionally comes with an empty cavity for secure storage of any asset desired.

User Identification Methods

ID Device SWATBox

New SWATBox With HID

Integrate your existing ID device with our SWATBox™. Your employee's current IDs are all that are needed for one step access.



The SWATBox™ NE (non-electronic) version is housed in our same high strength shell but operates solely on an external signal from your existing access control system. Provide your own 12volt pulse to open the SWATBox™ NE on command.


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