Electronic Lockers

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Standard or custom built electronically controlled lockers can be modified any number of ways to accommodate the needs of your facility. Firearms, medical equipment, shop tools, expensive electronics, etc. – our locker solutions are in place around the world controlling local and distributed access to a range of high-value assets in all shapes and sizes.

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Tablets Computers Smart Phones
Firearms Medical Equipment Electronics
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Security Asset Manager (SAM) Electronic Locker Systems & Vault

Electronic Locker System

Modular Units

Locker systems can be designed for any specific quantity, dimensions, and arrangment. They also work in combination with removable micro-vaults for added security and flexibility.

Electronic Weapons Control

Locker systems can be combined with individual asset tracking allowing you to monitor and control both the locker and its contents. This particular unit is ideal for weapons tracking, especially when combined with the KSI Smart Insert.

Oversized locker scaled to your dimensions. Can be used with shelving, hangers, and more.

Asset Control

Key Systems, Inc.'s Security Asset Manager cabinets and lockers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The locker system shown here is designed to store over 100 medium to large assets with plenty of room for more. KSI prides itself in the ability to store, secure, and monitor any sized asset you have. Large, small, multiples or single assets - we have a solution for you.
Locker Shown Above: Exterior Dimensions 48" Wide x 63" Tall x 32" Deep

GFMS & User Access

Access to lockers can be granted through the same authorization means (PIN, Badge, Biometric, Remote Network Release) as other GFMS devices. Individual door access can be assigned to different users. Lockers fit seamlessly into an existing GFMS install. Complete audit trail, alerts, and the other features and rules available through GFMS.

Secure and Charge Tablets, Phones, and other Electronics

KSI provides secure locker systems for electronic device storage, charging, and tracking. Our intelligent lockers can be built for any size and number of electronic devices and can be subdivided into your desired number of cavities. Compatible electronic devices include Apple® and Android™ based tablets, laptops, cell phones, any USB device, and many more.

Select from our popular cabinet configurations, or let us design custom lockers to securely manage and charge your electronic devices.

Upon request, individual lockers can be designed to charge your devices while securely stored within.

Electronic Laptop Locker Storage System
Electronic Locker With Compartments


KSI Compartment SAM

Using GFMS technology, this SAM configuration enables you to secure and monitor even the smallest of assets in individual locked compartments.

Details of the KSI Compartment SAM



Standalone or Combine with SAM

Locker arrangements can be designed as standalone units or can be set up to work in conjunction with a Security Asset Manager. This unit features the use of Lexan doors to provide a visual audit of your assets.

Electronic Locker System
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