Order or Upgrade to Built-in Fingerprint Technology

Proximity Reader

We now offer a new and more affordable version of our built-in finger print reader. Like its predecessor, this design combines PIN and fingerprint identification for added security. GFMS now incorporates all aspects of fingerprint identification in addition to operating asset management devices. GFMS's database seamlessly stores fingerprint data within each user profile and distributes those identities to other built-in fingerprint devices.

Existing GFMS customers looking to add a fingerprint reader to their system will appreciate the ease of installation with this design. A simple exchange of displays can be performed on-site without the need of a complicated upgrade. Currently our SWAT Box and Security Asset Manager product lines both support this built-in biometric.

Enroll Globally

In addition to enrolling at any Security Asset Manager within your GFMS network, we also offer a separate Enrollment Station. This allows the GFMS administrator to enroll each user through a computer using the GFMS software and our USB Fingerprint Reader. We recommend this tool should you have a large number of users to enroll.
*The software stores points of data and not a scan of the actual fingerprint.

Proximity Reader

User Identification Devices

Should you desire an added layer of security or do not wish to use the standard PIN entry, our SAMs can be accessed with a variety of user identification devices to suit your needs. We work with a diverse range of ID devices on all of our electronic products and are able to custom fit your preferred device during the manufacturing process. ID devices may be used in combination with PIN, as part of an existing access control system and/or in conjunction with multi-user rules.


Other Identification Devices

Key Systems, Inc. can provide you with any number of ID device solutions or adapt our products to work with your existing access control system.


Biometric ReaderFingerprint Reader


Biometric hand, fingerprint or optical scanners may be mounted to ensure the highest level of security during user identification.




Mag Stripe Card SwipeProximity Card Reader

Card Identification

Multiple forms of card identity exist in the form of magnetic stripe or proximity card readers. We can provide a solution or mount your existing card readers to your Key Systems product.




PIN Access Control

Access Control

You may want your existing access control system to function as an additional layer of security when granting access to important assets. All of our electronic products may be configured to remain locked until your access control system identifies a valid user.



Weight and Other Solutions

Custom Solutions

We not only pride ourselves on adapting to your current system but also in finding the unique solution that your situation requires. Custom solution requests, such as our key scale, are welcome and we look forward to working with you to find the asset control solutions that have been avoiding you.